Thursday, December 28, 2006

Little White Lies: A Novel of Love and Good Intentions - Gemma Townley

The Basics: Little White Lies: A Novel of Love and Good Intentions, Gemma Townley, 2005, 320 pages

How I found it: The first night I stayed at the my parents house for the holidays this book was left lying on the night table of the guest room. Since I was too lazy to root through my luggage to find something better to read, I ended up reading it.

What's it about?: Country girl Natalie moves to the city (London) and lives a boring and lonely month by herself. Then she decides to open the previous tenants mail and pretend to be her. This extends to her love life, her job and her friends.

Did I like it?: Like an episode of Full House this book creates all kinds of little problems and misunderstandings and then ties them all up nicely at the end. Natalie starts out in a not too bad situation and ends up all fluffy clouds, kittens and rainbows (Yay!). Like the other similar books in this genre, it revolves around a series of oh-so-predictable misunderstandings. On occaision I don't mind this sort of book (even though they rot your brain) and I got sucked in here too. But I find that the longer it takes me to read these sorts of books the worse I feel about reading them. In this case I had a lovely Jane Urquhart waiting for me so I felt very guilty. So in summary, I liked it a tiny bit, but I also hated myself for liking it even a little since it was such crappy drivel.

Will you like it?: Need a beach book? Have a free afternoon? Enjoy the Shopaholic series? Then read this book. If not stay away or you will be facing your own guilt.

But don't take my word for it: Readers at like drivel too, a review from another book review blogger, and a summary review from

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