Friday, September 15, 2006

David Suzuki: The Autobiography - David Suzuki

The Basics: David Suzuki: The Autobiography, David Suzuki, 2006, 405 pages.

How I found it: I really don't remember. I think I wanted to read it because it was on the non-fiction bestsellers list and I have always been a fan of David Suzuki's work.

What's it about?: Suzuki has already published one autobiography, called Metamorphosis, in 1987, so this one focuses mostly on his life and accomplishments since then, although it does give a brief background on his younger years. This book mostly tells the story of Suzuki's life, but he does get off on tangents about environmental issues, nuclear war, politics, and lots more.

Did I like it?: I did really enjoy this book since I didn't know too much about Suzuki besides the work he has done with his environmental foundation. My only complaints are the length of the book, which makes it seem to drag near the end and the lack of organization in the book. The book is organized in a semi-chronological manner, but sometimes it jumps into being thematically organized, which gets confusing.

Will you like it?: If you are a fan of David Suzuki, it is a good read. Otherwise, I don't know if I would recommend it. Instead I would recommend that you watch The Nature of Things on CBC or check out the David Suzuki Foundation website.

But don't take my word for it: A review from the London Free Press, and another from the New Zealand Listener (a kiwi magazine).

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