Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Everything About Me Is Fake... and I'm Perfect! - Janice Dickinson

The Basics: Everything About Me Is Fake... and I'm Perfect!, Janice Dickinson, 2004, 260 pages

How I found it: Janice promoted her first book, the autobiography No Lifeguard on Duty, on America's Next Top Model, and after reading that book, I wanted to read her next one.

What's it about?: The book is a random hodge-podge of stuff. It is supposed to be a self-help book about how women should love their bodies and realize that the models they see in magazines are totally fake and digitally and surgically manipulated. The book sticks to its self-help purpose slightly but is more a vehicle for Janice's whacky celebrity tell-all stories and fanatical beauty tips (more laxatives anyone?).

Did I like it?: Not really. There isn't much substance to the book and besides Janice's scandalous stories and crazy narrative, it would be pretty boring as well. I liked her autobiography because it showed that she is not just some cracked-out washed-up has-been - she has drive, is a business-woman and has overcome a lot in her life. This book showed none of that - it is just a cash-grab on the part of her publisher to ride on the success of her first book.

Will you like it?: Unlikely. You'll only like her first book if you thought she was funny on Top Model (which many didn't) and you'll only like this book if you are a Janice-fanatic (which many aren't). If you are only mildly interested in Janice read No Lifeguard on Duty or maybe just go watch some Top Model re-runs. Skip this book.

But don't take my word for it: Readers at Amazon.ca didn't like it either, a review from curledup.com.

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